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All Knotted Up

Need to learn a knot? Maybe you know the name of the knot but not how to tie it, or maybe you need to know which knot to use and how to tie it. Animated Knots gives you step by step video tutorials for hundreds of knots. Each video can be sped up, slowed down, […]

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Once upon a time a river runner could essentially choose between two types of boats, an aluminum canoe or a fiberglass canoe. Fortunately all sorts of better options have materialized since, one of which is the inflatable raft. If you’ve spent any time floating in Arkansas or Missouri you’ve likely seen them for rent at […]

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Pelican International Acquires Confluence Outdoor

The Author in a Dagger Prophet There’s a link below to the press release. This is big – very big. The question is, how big and why, and the answer to that question is: who knows? Whitewater canoeists over the age of forty, all 23 of us, are still coming to terms with the loss […]

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The Canoe For You

You’ve decided it’s time for a canoe. Great decision! Carefully chosen canoes result in years of good clean fun. Carelessly chosen canoes result in incriminating looks from spouses who wonder why you spent $2000 on a garage ornament instead of something useful like tuition.  I’ve often said that boat purchases are more like rentals, and […]

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Thwarted: The Anatomy of a Canoe

I’ve had some great campfire conversations about canoes; spent countless hours debating the best brands, hull designs and all sorts of details that would put a normal person to sleep. But the best canoe conversations I’ve had have been with friends looking for purchase advice. These are my favorite talks for several reasons. First, they […]

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The Crew

The Arkansas Adventuregram Crew, Luke “Deuce” Coop and Amber Helms, AKA Ambs

Luke’s job is getting into trouble and Amber’s job is getting him out of it. It just sort of works out that way. Amber loves to feel river gravel under her feet and sleep under the stars and sees a tent as an occasionally necessary evil. Luke loves moving water, campfires and shenanigans, and together they have some amazing Arkansas adventures.