Maps and Guide Books

We love maps and guidebooks. When we’re stuck at home they’re good reading, and when we’re planning an adventure they’re good reading, and when we’re living vicariously through someone else’s adventure they’re – well, you get the point. We’ve curated a small collection for you here. You’ll find similar resources on other pages. Enjoy!

This is an excellent resource for all the hiking trails in the area. The maps available for purchase are water resistant, durable, reasonable and top quality.

Alltrails is a great source of inspiration and very helpful, but it should NOT be considered a definitive resource. Use discretion when planning and verify all information before embarking on your adventure.

Tim Ernst is a living legend and his books are a treasure trove of trip planning beta. HIs photos aren’t too shabby either.

When it comes to the Buffalo Ken Smith wrote the book. Literally. Keep the Buffalo River Handbook…..well…..handy.

More Buffalo River paddling help

Looking for help finding your way around the Buffalo River corridor? Trail or water, these are the go to maps.

Don’t forget to go straight to the source. The National Park Service has all sorts of helpful information on the Buff.

Are you a waterfall hunter? You could be. All you need are basic hiking implements, a little knowledge (and common sense) and a good guide. Here’s one we like a lot.

Missouri? On Arkansas Adventuregram? Sure! There are lots of adventures to be had in The Show Me State, and after all, they are our neighbors.

Everyone loves butterflies.

Flowers too.

Kristian Underwood is a full service cartographer. His maps are not only functional, they’re exquisite. He’s also a good friend and one hell of a paddler!