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Orange Chocolate Babies

1 Bag of Navel Oranges 1 Chocolate Cake Mix + Required Ingredients Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Prepare cake mix. Slice tops off oranges and hollow out contents. Stir fruit into cake batter then spoon mixture into hollowed out orange peels. Wrap (individually) in foil and place directly in coals. Check after fifteen minutes and every […]

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10″ or 12″ Dutch Oven Pizza Crust (Prepare Bisquick crust or purchase refrigerated) Olive Oil Cooking Spray Pizza Ingredients of Your Choice (It’s fun to let the kids help decide.) Prepare crust. Spray bottom of Dutch Oven liberally with cooking spray and spread crust onto it. Or if you prefer, line the Dutch Oven with […]

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Snapperhead’s Surprise

My daughter has several nicknames. Everyone calls her Little Deuce, but she’s occasionally known as Snapperhead. I once gave her the following instructions: pick ingredients and make something. She dubbed her creation Snapperhead’s Surprise. Kids love this one because they can get creative with the crust and icing. 12″ Dutch Oven 3 Cans Apple Pie […]

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