Dutch Oven


I’m taking the Adventuregram time machine (it’s really just an old canoe I sit in and make funny noises, but Einstein said imagination is better than knowledge – or something like that) to Pine Trail Scout Reservation, Viola, Arkansas circa 1985.

That’s when I learned to cook. Well, my mother would take exception to that claim, so I’d better qualify it. That’s when I learned to cook outdoors. It was summer, and it was hot. But my merit badge instructor schooled us dutifully on the types of fires; teepee, log cabin, lean to……..some others I forget at the moment, the pros and cons of each with specific regard to cooking, and…….Bored yet? I wasn’t that day, largely because I’m a bit (okay, not just a bit) of a pyromaniac, but also because I was fascinated with the idea of cooking outdoors.

Later in life I discovered the true religion; Dutch Oven cooking. Alternately referred to as a camp oven, black pot, Dutch and I’m sure other things the humble Dutch Oven has been in continuous use for over 300 years. Fortunately it’s no longer a kitchen necessity, but those of us who have taken the time to learn its virtues are far better (and fatter) adventurers for it. In this section you’ll find recipes, tips, how tos, pairings and all sorts of resources proffered exclusively for your enlightenment in the noble pursuit of Dutch Oven adventure, so read up then fire up the coals.

See you out there!