Find Fellow Adventurers

A year or twenty ago (who’s counting?) I had an epiphany. I would try my hand at float camping. For some reason I set my sights on the Ouachita River in southwestern Arkansas. That particular trip never materialized (though there have been countless others), but as part of my quest to gather the requisite knowledge I sought out firsthand river beta from the top notch boaters on the Arkansas Canoe Club message board. Invaluable information was freely bestowed along with welcomes and, best of all, trip invites. Sadly that message board has become a shell of itself thanks to the dominance of social media, but the friends I made there are now solid trip mates.

Solo adventures are great. In fact, some of us find them essential on occasion, but more often than not we need someone to join the shenanigans. Here are some resources to help you find fellow adventurers and firsthand advice for your Arkansas adventures.

See you out there!


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