A Trashy Adventure

This is the Arkansas River (the photo below that is. The photo above also came from the Arkansas River, but it’s just my Chacos covered in mud.) This is also the Arkansas River. The first photo was taken in Colorado, the second in our own back yard. Tragically, too many of us clearly do not […]

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Cossatot River Cleanup With Leave No Trace

If you’ve lived in Arkansas long enough you’re probably at least passingly familiar with the Cossatot River. Maybe you’ve heard the nicknames; Tot, skull crusher. Perhaps you’ve even paddled it. The truth is when most Arkansans think of the Cossatot they think of whitewater. I rarely head to Polk County myself without a canoe on the […]

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I know a song called I Poop In a Bucket. It’s what one might call internet famous and it’s pretty funny. There’s even a video that goes along with it (thankfully not a montage of action shots). It’s a little off color so I won’t present it here, but thinking about it moves me (sorry, […]

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Ring of Fire

This is one of my favorite scenes – not this one specifically, but more generally speaking a crackling campfire on a riverbank. I’m hard pressed to think of a more enduring totem of  outdoor adventure, and to be sure I’ve spent some of the best hours of my life around one. Everyone loves a campfire! […]

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The Crew

The Arkansas Adventuregram Crew, Luke “Deuce” Coop and Amber Helms, AKA Ambs

Luke’s job is getting into trouble and Amber’s job is getting him out of it. It just sort of works out that way. Amber loves to feel river gravel under her feet and sleep under the stars and sees a tent as an occasionally necessary evil. Luke loves moving water, campfires and shenanigans, and together they have some amazing Arkansas adventures.