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Eleven Point River

Where: Eleven Point River near Alton, Missouri When: Early November, but runnable year round Level: 470 CFS; considered low but runnable Craft: 14’ raft; river is suitable for just about any boat within reason Who: anyone with enough boat control to avoid hazards, especially wood Points of Interest: Turner Mill, Boze Mill, Hall’s Bay Chute […]

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Mount Hersey to Woolum, Buffalo National River

What do you do when your family asks you to take them on their first ever Buffalo trip? That’s a rhetorical question. So what if their number exceeds the capacity of your fleet? That just means you need to temporarily expand your fleet. Thankfully my friend John Dean was happy to lend me his red […]

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Overnight Loop Hike, Upper Buffalo River District

Early November is a magical time of year in the Ozarks. There’s a slight nip in the air – just enough to remind us fall has arrived – critters are preparing for the winter and the foliage is resplendent, having just reached or barely surpassed its peak. Mustard yellow, orange and ochre hues float in […]

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Rush to Shipps Ferry, Lower Buffalo and White Rivers

If you have even a passing interest in float camping the lower Buffalo river should be on your bucket list. At just under thirty miles this reach features iconic scenery, great swimming, great fishing and surprisingly good flow. There is also an abundance of gravel bars for parties of any size. Tent? We don’t need […]

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South X Southwest, A Day On the Ouachita River

The Arkansas Adventuregram crew had a problem. We were spending too much time in north Arkansas. Okay, that’s not really a problem, but just go with it. Haven’t you people ever heard of rhetorical flourish? My point is, there’s adventuring to be had all over The Natural State, including in the southwest corner. Case in […]

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Spring Creek to Spring Creek, Buffalo National River

The Arkansas Adventuregram crew talks a lot about float camping. In fact, we love it so much Luke literally wrote the book on it. One essential ingredient in a successful float camping excursion is finding the perfect gravel bar. After all, it’s your home for the night – the place where stories will be told and memories […]

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Talimena State Park to Deadman Gap, Ouachita Trail

We hope you don’t think this trip report is cheating. We were just across the Oklahoma border, so strictly speaking it wasn’t in Arkansas. However, the Ouachita Trail stretches all the way to Pinnacle Mountain State Park in Little Rock, so I think we’re good to go. If you disagree; well, get your own adventure! […]

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Tall Peak Part I, Ouachita National Forest

It’s a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. Water? Trail? North, south, east, west? The Natural State offers the adventurer an embarrassment of riches; so many in fact that the simple matter of deciding where to spend a precious Autumn weekend is anything but. The task at hand was daunting to be sure, […]

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Tall Peak Part II, Ouachita National Forest

If you missed part I, check it out here. I may like sleeping on the ground without a tent, going barefoot and camping in the most primitive locations, but I am still a girly girl at heart. I find nothing more romantic than watching the sun set behind beautiful mountains with my main squeeze, so […]

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The Frog, the ELF and the Mink

This is not the seed of an ancient Chinese proverb, nor is it the title of a posthumously discovered Tolkien novel. It’s not even the beginning of a joke involving a frog, an elf and a mink that walked into a bar, although it does occur to me that would make an excellent joke. What […]

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The Frog, the ELF and the Mink, Part II

If you missed part I check it out here. Blue. We like blue. Blue on the American Whitewater gauge links means too high, and in some places too high can be just right. In our experience one such place is the Mulberry River, so a blue gauge on a hot summer day when we were […]

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Luke “Deuce” Coop is a lover of adventure and the written word. He’s paddled, rowed, camped, fished and hiked across the map but his favorite outdoor adventure playground is his own back yard. Whether he’s fishing and camping on the White, float camping or running the entire Buffalo, paddling the Mulberry, Little Missouri or Big Piney creek or hiking the Ouachita or Buffalo River trails he’s right at home adventuring in Arkansas, and he created Arkansas Adventuregram to help others join him. He looks forward to seeing you out there!