The Gram has big news! We have added a member to the Arkansas Adventuregram crew. Fellow Adventurers, I’d like to introduce Izzy the Adventure Dog, a four year old Doberman mix weighing in at forty pounds of pure adventure and snuggles.

Izzy Throwing a Subtle Hint

I’ll be honest. We’d kicked around the idea of a dog for a while but the time never seemed right; too busy, too broke, too distracted… I’m still busy, broke and distracted, but one night Little Deuce and I were browsing – again – and we saw Izzy. Suddenly the time seemed right, so I submitted an application and, well, we’ll get to that. Just between us I was more than a little anxious. What if she didn’t like us? Worse yet, what if she didn’t like the outdoors? What if she chewed up my best PFD or a sleeping bag? When we got word we’d been chosen to adopt Izzy I set aside my worries and set about making preparations, and by preparations I mean moving strike plates so doors would shut. It’s an old house, and the gear room, where we keep the aforementioned PFD, sleeping bag and lots of other stuff we depend on out there, is accessed by one of said doors. As it turns out my fears were completely unfounded. Now, not only do I have a new adventure partner, I have two doors that latch!

No PFDs or sleeping bags were harmed in the capturing of this image.

Izzy came to us from the Paws In Prison program via Last Chance Rescue. If you’re looking for a new family member I strongly encourage you to consider a Paws In Prison dog. Here’s how it works. Rescue dogs are taken to prison, in her case Tucker Maximum Security Unit, where they’re paired with an inmate who helps them develop into well-behaved social dogs. I can only speak for Izzy, but she hasn’t had one accident, touched anything she shouldn’t touch or exhibited adverse behavior of any sort. To borrow a phrase from a past president, let me be perfectly clear. Her splendid behavior is not because of anything I’ve done. Sure she’s gotten better and better as she’s become more comfy at Arkansas Adventuregram HQ, but Christopher, her Paws In Prison Trainer, gets the credit for starting her down the right path.

But Deuce, what about the most important question of all? Does she love the outdoors?

Oh yeah, that. Well, you tell me!

River Dog

Izzy chose us a month ago last Friday, and I’m pleased to report she has jumped with all four feet into the Arkansas Adventuregram lifestyle. In fact, she’s been on three outings already. We keep asking ourselves what took us so long to add a four-legged crew member, but deep down we know the answer. We were waiting for Izzy.

See you out there!



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